Saturday Lessons (14 weeks)

Start date: 3rd September 2022

Half term: 22nd October 2022

Watching week: 10th December 2022

Badge week: 3rd December 2022

Final Lesson: 10th December 2022

Sunday Lessons (14 weeks)

Start date: 4th September 2022

Half term: 23rd October 2022

Watching week: 11th December 2022

Badge week: 4th December 2022

Final Lesson: 11th December 2022

Monday Lessons (13 weeks)

Start date: 5th September 2022

Half term: 24th October 2022

Watching week: 5th December 2022

Badge week: 28th November 2022

Final Lesson: 5th December 2022

Tuesday Lessons (13 weeks)

Start date: 6th September 2022

Half term: 25th October 2022

Watching week: 6th December 2022

Badge week: 29th November 2022

Final Lesson: 6th December 2022

Wednesday Lessons  (13 weeks)

Start date: 7th September 2022

Half term: 26th October 2022

Watching week: 7th December 2022

Badge week: 30th November 2022

Final Lesson: 7th December 2022

Thursday Lessons (13 weeks)

Start date: 8th September 2022

Half term: 27th October 2022

Watching week: 8th December 2022

Badge week: 1st November 2022

Final Lesson: 8th December 2022

NB: Watching week may be subject to change.


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