How do I enrol my child/myself on one of your courses?

An application form for the appropriate course needs to be submitted to the Splash Academy Office. Once you are attending classes, an automatic progression system is in operation for the swimming lessons, subject to the re-enrolment procedure being followed and the student being recommended to stay in the teaching group.

Class times are not guaranteed and therefore to allow for progression to take place they may be subject to change.

If the classes are full your name will be held on a waiting list at the Splash Academy Office and you will be contacted as soon as a place is available. Places are allocated in order from the waiting list. Please ensure you let us know if you change your address or phone number.

How much are your courses?

For details of all charges please refer to the course application form or contact the office.

How can I pay?

All courses must be paid for within the specified timescale and can be paid using of the following methods.

By cheque – in person or by post, made payable to ‘SPLASH ACADEMY’.  It must be accompanied by a completed enrolment form and valid cheque guarantee card details.
By cash – in person. A receipt will be issued on request.

Please contact the office if you have any problems.

What if I need to cancel the course?

Unfortunately, no refunds can be given once the term has started.  Refunds prior to the start of term will be subject to a £10 administration fee which will be deducted from the final amount returned.

Will my course be cancelled once it has started?

Splash Academy reserves the right to cancel any course, if under subscribed, before the course begins. Refunds will be made when this occurs. 

How are badges awarded?

Badges will be awarded on successful completion, but are not guaranteed at the end of every term. Costs vary according to the award. A badge desk will be available for purchase of awards on the penultimate week of the term.

Can I watch my child swim?

The pool operates a no spectating policy for 10 weeks of the 12 week term, on week 6 and 12 spectating will be possible. People are asked to take off their outdoor shoes or wear shoe covers to ensure a clean poolside is maintained for the swimmers.

Does my child need a swimming hat?

At the moment swimming hats are not compulsory but if your child has long hair a swimming hat is an excellent option.

Is my child allowed to wear goggles?

Children in the higher groups can wear goggles to allow them the opportunity to develop advanced techniques. Goggles are not worn in the non swimmers groups.

Is there a coffee shop on site?

The coffee shop is down at the pavilion. No purchase is necessary to enjoy the facility.  Opening hours vary.

Is there a car park on site?

There is plenty of parking on site at the school.  Parking is available outside the main school or should you wish to park inside the school grounds there is a charge of 50p. There is disabled parking available in the school bus bays outside the Splash office and you can also drop off and pick up here providing the car is not left unattended. 

Please drive with great care and park with consideration of all users.  Remember children can sometimes forget cars are not always able to see them.