Splash Academy offers an extensive range of activities and courses for all ages and abilities.

All our teachers are qualified, develop through our Continual Professional Development programme and are DBS checked. All the programmes aim to meet the excellent standards of the Amateur Swimming Association, Swimming Teachers Association and Disability Sport with regard to development and award attainment.
Once you have chosen a course that you are interested in, please call us for a chat so that we can ensure it's an ideal match for you or your child.

Parent/baby classes are designed to give your baby a head start by developing water confidence from a very young age. Lessons last 25 minutes.


Seahorse classes are for 3-5 year olds and designed to improve confidence and technique with only six pupils in a class. Lessons last 30 minutes.

Early Development classes are aimed at young children who are wanting to learn to swim and improve their water confidence. Lessons last 30 minutes.


Advanced Development classes (Gold/Silver/Bronze) are aimed at competent young swimmers who are looking to develop confidence and technique. Sessions last for 60 minutes.


Mini Squad sessions concentrate on stroke  development and training skills. Sessions last for 60 minutes.


Learning early life saving and personal survival skills. Session last 60 minutes.


These sessions provide stroke development in a great environment, whether it's fitness training for the confident swimmer or a calm environment for the non swimmer to learn in. Sessions last 60 minutes.


Private lessons are an excellent opportunity for the very timid to gain confidence or special one to one attention on an area of stroke technique. Lessons are subject to availability, details arranged on an individual basis. Lessons last 30 or 60 minutes.


If you wish your child to have two lessons a week to extend their exercise levels, or just so they can enjoy the sport they like, thus aiding their progress – we are offering a buy one course get the other half price.  This offer only stands for one child swimming two lessons in the same week.


Monday         4.15pm - 8.15pm
Tuesday         4.15pm - 7.15pm 
Wednesday   4.15pm - 8.45pm
Thursday       4.15pm - 6.15pm

Friday             4.15pm - 5.15pm
Saturday        9.30am - 2.00pm
Sunday          10.45am - 1.45pm

The availability of class options varies on each day, please contact Patsy on 01480 375697 for further information.



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Saturday Lessons (12 weeks)

Start date: 27th April 2019

Half term:  25th May 2019

Watching weeks: 8th June & 20th July 2019

Badge week: 13th July 2019

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 20th July 2019

Sunday Lessons (12 weeks)

Start date: 28th April 2019

Half term:  26th May 2019

Watching weeks: 9th June & 21st July 2019

Badge week: 14th July 2019

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 21st July 2019

Monday Lessons (10 weeks)

Start date: 29th April 2019

Half term:  27th May 2019 and BH 6th May

Watching weeks: 10th June & 15th July 2019

Badge week: 8th July 2019

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 15th July 2019

Tuesday Lessons (11 weeks)

Start date: 30th April 2019

Half term:  28th May 2019

Watching weeks: 11th June & 16th July 2019

Badge week: 9th July 2019

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 16th July 2019

Wednesday Lessons  (12 weeks)

Start date: 24th April 2019

Half term:  29th May 2019

Watching weeks: 5th June & 17th July 2019

Badge week: 10th July 2019

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 17th July 2019

Thursday Lessons (11 weeks)

Start date: 25th April 2019

Half term:  30th May 2019

Watching weeks: 6th June & 18th July 2019

Badge week: 11th July 2019

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 18th July 2019

Pool closure: 4th July

Friday Lessons (12 weeks)

Start date: 26th April 2019

Half term:  31st May 2019

Watching weeks: 7th June & 19th July 2019

Badge week: 12th July 2019

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 19th July 2019

Saturday Lessons (14 weeks)

Start date: 1st September 2018

Half term:  20th October 2018

Watching weeks: 6th October & 8th December 2018

Badge week: 1st December 2018

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 8th December 2018

Sunday Lessons (14 weeks)

Start date: 2nd September 2018

Half term:  21st October 2018

Watching weeks: 7th October & 9th December 2018

Badge week: 2nd December 2018

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 9th December 2018

Monday Lessons (14 weeks)

Start date: 3rd September 2018

Half term:  22nd October 2018

Watching weeks: 8th October & 10th December 2018

Badge week: 3rd December 2018

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 10th December 2018

Tuesday Lessons (14 weeks)

Start date: 4th September 2018

Half term:  23rd October 2018

Watching weeks: 9th October & 11th December 2018

Badge week: 4th December 2018

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 11th December 2018

Wednesday Lessons  (13 weeks)

Start date: 5th September 2018

Half term:  24th October 2018

Watching weeks: 10th October & 12th December 2018

Badge week: 5th December 2018

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 12th December 2018

Pool closure: Wednesday 7th November 2018

Thursday Lessons (13 weeks)

Start date: 6th September 2018

Half term:  25th October 2018

Watching weeks: 11th October & 13th December 2018

Badge week: 6th December 2018

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 13th December 2018

Pool closure: Thursday 4th October 2018

Friday Lessons (14 weeks)

Start date: 7th September 2018

Half term:  26th October 2018

Watching weeks: 12th October & 14th December 2018

Badge week: 7th December 2018

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 14th December 2018


Saturday Lessons (11 weeks)

Start date: 7th January 2017

Half term:  11th February 2017

Watching weeks: 4th February & 25th March 2017

Badge week: 18th March 2017

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 25th March 2017


Sunday Lessons (11 weeks)

Start date: 8th January 2017

Half term:  12th February 2017

Watching weeks: 5th February & 26th March 2017

Badge week: 19th March 2017

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 26th March 2017

Monday Lessons (11 weeks)

Start date: 9th January 2017

Half term:  13th February 2017

Watching weeks: 6th February & 27th March 2017

Badge week: 20th March 2017

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 27th March 2017

Tuesday Lessons (12 weeks)

Start date: 3rd January 2017

Half term:  14th February 2017

Watching weeks: 7th February & 28th March 2017

Badge week: 21st March 2017

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 28th March 2017

Wednesday Lessons  (12 weeks)

Start date: 4th January 2017

Half term:  15th February 2017

Watching weeks: 8th February & 29th March 2017

Badge week: 22nd March 2017

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 29th March 2017

Thursday Lessons (12 weeks)

Start date: 5th January 2017

Half term:  16th February 2017

Watching weeks: 9th February & 30th March 2017

Badge week: 23rd March 2017

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 30th March 2017

Friday Lessons (12 weeks)

Start date: 6th January 2017

Half term:  17th February 2017

Watching weeks: 10th February & 31st March 2017

Badge week: 24th March 2017

Final Lesson & Enrolment: 31st March 2017