The award scheme used by Splash Academy is comprehensive, structured and fun which means it provides an excellent means of motivating swimmers of all ages and abilities, whilst giving the teachers a way to measure the progress made during their lessons.  

The Athlete Support Pathway was implemented by the governing body to ensure the building blocks of learning are put into place during the young swimmers growth and development, with an understanding of the importance of excellent foundations being laid down for future technique development.

Initial orientation plays an enormous part in the pupil feeling at ease in the water. Water confidence will lead to a greater understanding thereby leading to an enhanced development of more complex skills, as the pupils move through the award scheme.

Based on these sound educational principles, the award scheme has 10 Splash standards starting with easier tasks working to the more complex, embracing in the latter Splash standards other disciplines such as diving, synchronised swimming, personal survival and water polo. This learning is achieved at the same time as the need to learn many life skills, such as waiting a turn, sharing, listening and reaching for high standards.

Pupils will move through the award scheme at different rates, always being challenged to meet a high standard, but recognising different learning capabilities.


In addition to the Splash 1 to 10 we also have distance badges to ensure that not only will the pupils be working on skills and the stroke techniques, but that they are also improving on their ability to swim without aids and later on their stamina and swimming longer distances with sound techniques.


In partnership with the ASA we have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours awards, which in tandem with the Splash standards and Achiever One and Two, challenges the swimmers as they reach an advanced level, allowing them to be measured to national standards.

All the teachers understand and champion the pupils achieving their awards, and work hard to attain excellent results as the term proceeds, BUT not at the expense of standards. Only pupils reaching the pass standard will be awarded their next badge.

The Splash Badge Award Scheme is considered very highly and six other swim schools currently use the Splash scheme for their own lessons, with an increasing number of other schools also showing interest. 


Adult and Child

In the Adult and Child lessons we introduce various early skills allowing the children to enjoy the environment and the delights of water. Also giving the children a good start for when they join the Seahorse classes and are able to achieve the necessary aspects of the Seahorse awards independently.
We do not have an award scheme for the Adult and Child participants.

Seahorse Awards

As a first introduction to badges, these four Seahorse stages are designed for children aged 5 years and under.
The aim is to ensure children learn early skills with a fun focus, using songs, games and a progressive structure, aiming to put children at their ease in the pool environment.
Each Seahorse award is a little more challenging (one being the easiest).

Starfish Award

This award is for pupils who swim confidently with a tummy belt on their front and back for 5 metres in a flat confident body position. 

Endeavour One and Two

These awards are for pupils who overcome fears to achieve a task or for a pupil who has worked hard to achieve a skill or stroke and deserves special recognition.

Splash One

A starting place for the over 5’s or a progressive step on from Seahorse four. This award introduces early movement, face in and floating skills. Focus is on having an appropriate body position. Aids can be worn throughout, although not armbands.

Splash Two

This standard aims to continue working on watermanship skills which will underpin sound swimming strokes and working on different methods of using the limbs for propulsion. Part of this award needs to be achieved without aids.

Splash Three

This standard works on streamlining and aquatic breathing, also introducing a range of aquatic skills whilst continuing to work on the basic elements of propulsion. Part of this award needs to be achieved without aids.

Splash Four

This standard continues to work on progressions to develop quality stroke patterns. Introducing early dolphin leg action, and submerging skills, it also introduces an understanding of safety around the poolside. Part of this award needs to be achieved without aids

Splash Five

This standard reinforces streamlining, balance, aquatic breathing, submersion, treading water and sculling. Working on the next step of stroke development for all four strokes. Part of this needs to be achieved without aids

Splash Six

The introduction of surface diving, rotation and swimming under water goes alongside tidying up the four competitive strokes with aquatic breathing. This provides a basis for swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle and continues with more advanced activities in the other disciplines. The swimmer must have 100 metres before they complete this award.

Splash Seven

This standard concentrates on endurance and maintaining the stroke technique over the length during the swimming lesson, it also works on early diving techniques, back somersaults, sculling and tub rotation, plus introduces personal survival techniques.  The swimmer must have 200 metres before they complete this award.

Splash Eight

This standard continues to develop an understanding of the four competitive strokes and introduces early turns and diving practices.

Splash Nine

This standard continues with some more advanced activities in the other disciplines. Introducing the individual medley to the swimmer including the turns, whilst aiming to develop both basic aerobic swimming endurance and that of swimming speed.

Splash Ten

This being the final standard it introduces water polo skills and continues with diving and personal survival. It includes an overall competence to use the pace clock and follow a set swimming program showing work and rest. To complete this Splash standard the swimmer also has to be able to swim 1,500 metres on 2 or 3 strokes using consistent technique.

Distance Awards 5 - 15 metres

Each term the pupils will be tested for a distance award. This will always be done without aids. Early distance awards can be achieved using basic front paddle. 


Distance Awards 20 - 50 metres

Distance Awards 75 - 150 metres

Distance Awards 200 - 600 Metres

Distance Awards 800 - 1500 metres

Advanced Awards

The Advanced Awards include:

Achiever One 
Bronze Challenge
Achiever Two
Silver Challenge       
Gold Challenge
Honours Challenge


With this range of awards, pupils are challenged to achieve specified targets using a wide range of skills and stamina proficiently. Throughout the swimming Challenge and Achiever awards, all strokes should be swum with good technique and style. Strokes should be co-ordinated, efficient, smooth and completed without undue stress.

Rookie Awards

The Rookie Course aims to teach young people life skills around the water, personal survival, life saving and first aid.
Delivered in a relaxed style, with a youth group feel this is an excellent chance to spend time with other young people learning excellent life skills The badges achieved reflect this - they are the RLSS Rookie awards.

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